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Baseball Is My Passion

About Me

Hello Everyone.  I thought I would tell you a little about myself and why I started this site.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids and a wife to the best man I have ever met.  I have been playing baseball competitively and recreationally for my entire life.

I was enrolled in T-Ball at the age of 4 and then in to little leagues, and on to college.  I received a full scholarship to a state university because of base ball.  My life would not be the same without baseball.  It has shaped every part of my life and I am so grateful for the sport.

I met my husband in collage.  He was on the men’s team and I of course was on the women’s team.  Due to the love we both had for the game we hit it off right away.  The rest as they say is history.

All of my kids are in ball and my husband and I are on a local team.  Sometimes I think my life is all about Eat, Sleep and Baseball.  I encourage everyone I meet to join a team.  It does not matter what age you are or our fitness level, you can start playing now.

Well that’s a little about me.  Please enjoy this website and the information within.  If I can convince 1 person to join a team with this website then it is well worth the time and effort I have put in to it.  Thanks for visiting.