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Cardio Training Benefits for Baseball

SprinterBaseball is a very physically demanding sport. It’s a lot of fun, but it requires the body to push itself to new limits all of the time. Cardiovascular exercise is exactly what you need to stretch beyond your old limits and set new ones. They can provide you with the explosive power that you need to be a successful baseball player.

Plenty of people think cardio workouts are meant for women who are trying to lose weight. Yes, anyone who wants to lose weight should create a strict cardio routine, but that’s not all it is good for. Ask any professional baseball player how important anaerobic exercises are and they will agree.

What Are Anaerobic Exercises?

Typically, when cardiovascular exercises are discussed, aerobic exercises are the main topic of discussion. This is possibly because these are the easiest to perform. Most aerobic workouts can be completed with minimal energy wasted in the process.

So what exactly is the difference between an anaerobic and an aerobic workout routine? It’s all about the oxygen and how it works in the body. Aerobic exercises are effective because they can be maintained for long periods. The body is constantly able to transport adequate amounts of oxygen through the body and where it needs to go.

Anaerobic exercise can be thought of as taking those same exercises to the next level. The idea here is to starve the body of the necessary oxygen so that it begins fueling itself with the glucose and fat stored in the body. This causes steady weight loss. It also works all the fast twitch muscle fibers required for explosive power.

An exercise is considered to reach the anaerobic level when it pushes the body beyond 84 percent of its normal heart rate. Exercises are usually performed at high-intensity, but short intervals. After a couple of hours the exercises reach a sort of “cap” and stop improving the body.

Now you’re wondering, what are the cardio training benefits for baseball? Below is a look at some baseball-specific anaerobic exercises and how they can improve your on-field game.

The Sprint:

Few cardio exercises are as simple and effective as the sprint. It requires no extra gear, equipment, or location. Anyone can sprint just about anywhere at any time. Although, it’s always recommended that you be outdoors with plenty of space to move.

Every professional baseball player has a sprint training regimen because sprint cardio training benefits baseball tremendously. One of the main cardio training benefits for baseball of sprint training is the added “explosive” power needed to make sudden movements, like rushing off one base and to the other. During that run the player must push their body as fast as humanly possible. To improve their speed they must have a sprint training routine.

Not only do sprints make you a faster runner, but they improve your overall physique tremendously. All cardio workouts have the added benefit of burning fat. Sprints burn fat while also building lean muscle mass in the core and quads.

There are also many variations on the standard sprint. You don’t have to worry about getting bored with the same old routine.

baseball bat, ball and gloveBody-weight Workouts:

The sprint is a great exercise for baseball players, but its focus is on improving speed. Other cardiovascular exercises have different goals and major benefits for the ballplayer. Body-weight anaerobic workouts are another

A body-weight workout is just what the name implies. It works your own body weight against you causing your muscles to respond at full potential. It is yet another effective workout routine that doesn’t require any special equipment or tools.

Body-weight exercises can be broken down into several categories based on the targeted muscle group. However, most of the exercises still work several different muscle groups. The push up is a well-known body-weight workout that targets the chest and upper body, but it also improves the core and shoulders. Similar body-weight exercises that target the top half include bench dips and pull-ups.

The cardio training benefits for baseball from body weight training are increased endurance and muscular strength. Naturally, the targeted areas will muscular improvement. They aren’t as effective as weight lifting in this regard and tend to lead towards a more lean muscle.

The real benefit for the ball player is the increased endurance. This means they’ll have the strength and energy to continue pushing themselves long after the first inning is over. Baseball games are rarely short endeavors so improving endurance is always beneficial.

Create A Circuit:

There are a lot of different body-weight workouts and sprinting styles that benefit the body. There are also plenty of other cardio exercises not covered above. A circuit is a great way to mix and match various cardio exercises to enjoy benefits of them all and to keep the routine fresh.

A circuit just means moving from one cardio exercise to another (of a different type) according to certain intervals. The exercises are usually arranged in intervals of 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Each exercise should target a different muscle group. A simple cardio circuit can make a big improvement in life on and off the field.