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Core Strength Benefits For Baseball Players

Swing BatterAll the movements in baseball including running, pitching and hitting require a lot of core power and strength. Therefore, core training is a necessary component of strength training regime for baseball players. Core training benefits for baseball players go beyond just improving their hitting power.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to core training as it has become a buzzword over the past many years. Many people think that core training is nothing but training the abs. However, your course includes your chest, back, hips as well as abdomen.

There are a total of 29 pair of muscles that make up your core. For instance, your obliques and transverse abdominals make up the core in the front whereas the paraspinal muscles support your spine and play an important role in functioning and strength of your core.

Core Strength Benefits for Baseball

Here are some of the most well known core strength benefits for baseball players.

Improved Stability

Virtually all the in movements involved in the game of baseball are unnatural which means that the player needs to have considerable strength in the core muscles to be effective over the long run. Since the muscles in the core are put to work on a regular basis while playing, strength in these muscles allows baseball players to perform at their peak on a consistent basis.

Prevents Injury

All athletes are prone to injury when they do not adequately train their muscles. This is especially true in case of baseball players as they spend most of their time making unnatural muscles movements that put a lot of stress on various muscle groups.

Building core strength allows these muscle groups to absorb the extra stress without getting injured. Keep in mind that injuries have shortened the careers of many baseball players.

Helps with Posture

Strong core muscles prevent your body from slouching. Having good posture is extremely helpful to survive long periods of sitting or standing. Bad posture leads to back pain among other issues and these issues have the potential to shorten your career by making you more prone to injuries.

Enhances Mental Confidence

It won’t be wrong to say that the game is played as much in mind as it is played on the pitch. Strengthening core muscles helps in increasing the overall strength of a player that helps in their enhancing their sprinting speed and athleticism. It gives them greater confidence and having confidence in your ability is half the game.

Overall, core strength benefits for baseball players include increased hitting power, increase in mental confidence, better control over body, better balance, prevention of injuries, increase in overall strength, increase in velocity of pitching and reduction in stress on the throwing arm among others.  To learn more about the benefits of a strong core check out Ab Workouts.  It is a great website with a bunch of information about the core muscles.

Exercises for Building Course Core Strength for Baseball Players

Here are some of the most popular and well-known exercises for building core strength for baseball players.

Dead lifts

These are extremely important for building core strength. When done in the correct manner, these help in increasing strength in hamstrings, glutes as well as lower back.

Russian Twists

This exercise is great for strengthening the transverse abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, you need to sit on the ground with your legs and feet around 2 to 5 inches off the ground. The upper body should lean back slightly.

You can easily increase the degree of difficulty by flattening your body. To perform this exercise, you just rotate one way, complete the rotation and touch the ground. The movements need to be slow and controlled to properly engage your core.


Lay on your back with arms extended over the head. Your legs need to be flat on the ground. Move your legs and arms simultaneously where the hands should cross the outer part of your legs.

Front PlankFront Planks

These help in building stability as well as overall strength of your core. A number of modifications can be made to this simple exercise to increase difficulty levels.

For instance, you may add a plate on the back to increase difficulty level. Similarly, you can increase the difficulty level by stabilizing your body and feet on different equipment.


Squats are one of the more popular workouts for building leg strength and it is also great for building your core. It helps in increasing strength in the entire core including your abs, hips as well as lower back.

Rotational Throws with Medicine Ball

This exercise helps in strengthening your oblique. These muscles are essential for swinging a baseball bat. To perform this exercise, you need to take a medicine ball in both hands and stand with your feet wide apart (shoulder width). Now raise your arms to shoulder level and keep them parallel to the ground.

Rotate upper body to the right with feet firmly planted on the ground. Now turn to left and throw the ball to a waiting training partner. While throwing the ball, make sure to use your abs instead of using your arms. Keep repeating the exercise in this manner. You may also throw the ball against a wall in case you do not have a training partner.

Overall, the core muscles are responsible for balance and overall movement. Whether it is landing on one foot or running for a deep fly ball, strength of core muscles makes a huge difference in the success of players. Start working on your core with oblique workouts, transverse abdominal workouts, and lower ab workouts for women and men today. Strong core muscles enable infielders, pictures, outfielders as well as catchers to make their mark on the game.