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Strength Training Benefits For Baseball

Batters UpThere is no denying that Baseball is one of the most popular sports in US. While some of the kids play baseball just for fun, there are others who take baseball seriously. These athletes want to excel at baseball and want to play the game at college level or even professionally.

Among other things, physical strength plays an important role in the game of baseball.

The game of baseball naturally leads to muscle imbalances as players always swing the bat from one side and run around the bases in one direction. Similarly, same foot is planted over and over while throwing.

Strength training is needed to take care of these muscle imbalances in shoulders, chest and various other important muscle groups. There are a number of strength training benefits for baseball.

Strength Training Benefits for Baseball

Here is a list of some of the reasons to invest in a good strength training program to succeed at baseball.

Size As Well As Strength Is Crucial to Baseball Success

You need skill and practice to succeed in any sport but you also need strength to succeed at baseball. Strength in baseball does not mean that you need to become the next Mr. Universe but you need to build strength to improve your performance level.

Certain muscle groups such as shoulders, chest, arms, hamstrings, back and quads are used a lot in baseball. If these muscle groups are not strong, these will keep getting injured and hamper your success in the game.

A number of research studies have also confirmed the role of particular muscle groups in key areas. For instance, one research study reported that the posterior shoulder muscles play an important role in throwing and a player can improve the shoulder function by following baseball specific strengthening programs.

Another research study where researchers studied athletes over a period of six decades reported that size matters a lot when it comes to offensive leaders in the game of baseball. Strength training can help in adding mass to your body and increase your chances of success at baseball.

Injury Prevention

Many experts agree that throwing a baseball is an unnatural motion and it is detrimental to the overall health of shoulder. In other words, the chances of a shoulder injury are much higher for players throwing the ball.

However, the chances of injury can be significantly reduced by developing stronger lower body. A number of exercises such as Romanian dead lifts are very helpful in strengthening the lower body.

The Foundation for Building Other Skills

A successful baseball player requires power, explosiveness, flexibility, agility, mobility and speed. These athletic skills cannot be developed without first building physical strength.

However, you cannot enhance speed and power without a solid foundation. In simple terms, stronger players are always more successful than the players that rely solely on skills.

Builds Endurance

Baseball is played in the summer months and an athlete’s body needs to be able to perform at its best in those hot temperatures. Needless to say, an athlete with a great body is going to perform far better than those with body in poor physical condition.

Players who lack physical and mental endurance tend to let games get out of their hands. Building physical strength also helps in building mental endurance.

Helps with Discipline

Strength training on a regular basis helps with discipline as it challenges the body in a variety of ways. Discipline is the key to success in any sport and an athlete requires the same discipline to overcome the strength training challenges.

These are some of the strength training benefits for baseball. You need to be strong and have good endurance if you want to be a successful baseball player.

Strength TrainingHow to Choose the Right Strength Training Program

There are a number of strength training programs available today but all are not created equal. There are a number of factors you need to keep in mind to choose the right one for your unique needs.

Group Training with Personal Focus

While personalized training is definitely better than group training, the fact remains that personalized coaching is costly and everybody cannot afford that. However, the best approach is to combine group training that also offers personal focus.

A big part of almost all the strength training programs is similar for most of the younger athletes and therefore, group training can be one of the best ways to get strength training in an affordable manner.

However, one should also get training with some elements of personalization as no single program is best for all the athletes.

Flexible Training Program

Most of the training programs will require you to work around 3 to 4 times a week which means that you will need to balance your training program with studies, friends and family and other things. It’s difficult to manage all the things together.

Therefore, you need a program with scheduling flexibility that can work around your schedule. Missing practices is not fun.

Continuous Support

Ongoing support is necessary for complete development of an athlete. A good training program should offer complete access to the training staff at all times. So, you should to choose a program that offers support on an ongoing basis including updated training programs, nutritional support, training support as well as ongoing testing.